Privacy Policy

Muir Movie Org. provides all the information concerning their privacy policy in this notice. Everything is gathered from the website, leaving no space for any doubts. Moreover, it’ll closely look into:

  • The information connected to your identification that the website requires of you to give, the way it shares that information and who may read it.
  • The alternatives you have when it comes to the usage of your personal information
  • The procedures for protecting your data in case of violation
  • Correcting inaccurate data

Gathering, Using, and Sharing Information

To evade any further suspicions, note that we own all the information gathered from this website. No one else can get a hold of the data you provide via email or the other direct communication ways. Also, selling or renting the information to other third parties is completely out of the question.

The only reason your data will be used will be for replying to you after you’ve made contact with us. Unless it’s important for accomplishing your request, we won’t give your details to anyone other than our organization.

If you don’t prohibit it, we might send you emails with promotions, new services or products as well as updates of this privacy policy.

Tags Policy

In terms of visualization, our website contains “pixel tags”, “web beacons”, “clear GIFs” or others categorized as “Tags”.

Speaking of that, tags are, in fact, virtual photos, usually made of one pixel. Hidden from the users’ eyes, they’re embedded on the site. What makes them especially useful is their contribution in some of the crucial aspects of our website. Furthermore, thanks to them we can see how many users visited our pages, offer quality services, and get statistical data about the way the website is operated.

To explain the usage of Tags further, we’ll mention that they have a big role in our advertising strategy. We are users of the services provided by third parties, which assist us in our advertising campaigns, so these companies might prevent identical ads from repeatedly appearing on your screen. For this purpose, we may put some Tags on the site. However, note that they never let the third party companies get to your personal identification details. Instead, the Tags will take you to the companies’ contact pages, during which they might gather some data connected to your visit like the IP address, cookie identification details as well as where on the website you’ve been and when.

Now we collect visitors’ information by implementing our Tags on the website. However, we only do that to acquire information that we intend to use for things other than personally identifying you. By this we mean that we might get a hold of data concerning your browser, IP address, websites you were on before coming to us, which of our pages you visited, how long you stayed on them, what you searched for and other such statistical details.

Accessing and Controlling Your Information

Whenever you want in the future, you are allowed to cancel any contact with us. These are only some things you can write to us for via email or phone, which you can easily find on our website:

  • How much of your information we own and what it is
  • Revisions and changes to some or all of your details
  • Removal of anything we own about you
  • Your fears about the way we use your information


We’re very serious when it comes to the protection of your data. No matter what, the moment you provide sensitive details about yourself on our site, it’s kept secure online as well as offline.

Information such as your credit card details or other similar data is sent to us in an encoded way that’s completely safe. To be sure of this, we encourage you to check the icon of a closed lock somewhere on your browser or even see if the web address of the page starts with ‘https’. These signs will definitely show you how high the level of protection is.

As we mentioned earlier, while we receive encrypted information to ensure the safety of your sensitive data online, we apply the same level of security offline, as well. Just specific employees who require the data for a job that involves, for instance, customer service or billing, are allowed to your personal details. Also, we place the servers and computers where the information is stored in safe surroundings.


If you want to be contacted by someone from our company, you must fill in a registration form. As a part of this process you’ll need to give us certain information about you like your email address or name. That will serve for a successful communication with you regarding the products or services you’re interested in. Optionally, you can provide details about your demographics, too.

Links Policy

Please note that we hold no responsibility for what is displayed on the websites that we link to nor their own privacy and legal policies. Therefore, we warn our visitors to be careful when going to other websites that gather sensitive identification data and read their security notices.

If you by any chance think that we don’t act in accordance with this privacy and legal policy, feel free to get in touch with us at once using the contact form.